Posted by Pemerhati Penang on 5:22 PM
The world is my stage...
Aku selalu cakap mcm tu kat diriku,
When the world is your stage, that's mean u are a liar! U never be true to yourself!
That is not NOBLE!! No HONOR!!!

I want to ask you, have you ever show your true colour to the world?
Your true, true COLOUR?
Only you can answer it!

I want to be on stage again.
That's how people will certain that i'm not lying!
No fake that i'm being fake on stage. A certainty!
Off the stage, you and even I don't know whether i'm being honest or i'm lying.

Aku rindukan pentas!
Aku mahu jadi seseorang...
Aku mahukan perwatakan...
Aku mahu merasa apa yang mungkin aku x akan rasai...

Selami hati budi insan lain, dapat menilai hati budi kita~~~

I will not change, but the stage can change me!

P/S: Sekadar nak mengisi blog ini... Terpulang untuk menginterpretasi~~~


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